Elephant Pan™ Cookware - With the Spout that Gets the Grease Out… and More!

The All-new 5-QT Practical Pan That Makes cooking fun and easy!

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The Elephant Pan Difference:
  • Easy-Pour Spout: Easily drain without using a separate colander or pan and nothing sticks to the spout!

  • Non-Stick Triple Coating: Use less butter and oil for healthier cooking. Easily wipe down!

  • Oven-Safe up to 350° F Compatible with all cooktops: Go from stovetop to oven.

    Works on gas & electric stovetops.

  • Locking Tempered Glass Lid: Locks lid into place. Silicone rim for spill-proof, easy draining

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bonus grease bags included

Professional Grade, Scratch-Free & Non-Stick Surface

  • Non-Toxic, PFOA-Free

  • Oven & Dishwasher Safe

  • Even Heat Distribution 

  • Easy to Clean & Non-Stick

 Invented in USA - Patent Pending Elephant Pan™ Spout Features

Award-winning design that makes draining a pan safe and simple.

Easy-Pour Spout

Elephant Pan™ Cookware makes it easy to drain water from pasta and steamed vegetables, grease from ground beef, and more without using a separate colander or pan.

Dual Easy Grip Handles

Ergonomically designed, the pan is easy to lift and drain hot liquids like grease and water without straining. Its dual handles make it easy to lift and tilt.

Locking Tempered Lid

Our tempered glass lid locks into place. In addition, we added a silicon rim to the top to make draining safe and easy.

Superior Non-Stick

for Healthier Cooking

Our Non-Stick surface makes for easy clean up.

Stainless Steel Design,

Long Lasting Durability

Engineered stainless steel with induction plate core pressed. Elephant Pan™ cookware's heavy-gauge construction ensures even heating

Oven-Safe up to 350° F

Compatible with all Cooktops

Oven-safe to 350°F so you can cook on the stovetop and transfer to the oven to finish cooking or keep foods warm.

Designed for a Full Range of Meals & Easy Clean-Up!

Fry, Bake, Steam, Boil, Saute & Strain!

Family Dishes

Start your dish on the stovetop and finish the dish right in the oven - just like the pros!

Healthier Cooking

Our ultra non-stick triple copper coating means you don't need all that butter and oil.

Mouth Watering Desserts

Create delicious desserts right in the pan and serve right from the spout!


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Ditch the Colander!

Say goodbye to strainers and hello to convenient cooking! With the Elephant Pan, you can strain your water right into the sink - and your oils right into our disposable bags. 

Why People are Loving Elephant Pan™ Cookware

A genius product.

My wife was very impressed with the ergonomics, functionality, and quality of the item. The built-in spout is absolutely ingenious for discarding grease (we love pan-fried bacon!) and should turn discarding grease from a two-person adventure to a simple task.
Harry D. | Verified Buyer

Submitted on 12/02/21


I bought this to gift to my mother-in-law for Christmas but ended up keeping and buying her another one. Since using it, pretty much everything I've cooked has been with this pan. Buy it, you won't regret it.

Nichole B. | Verified Buyer

Submitted on 11/13/21

One pan for all

Tossed out all my old burnt pans and strainers and replaced it with this pan. I love to cook, but I'm not very good at it. The recipes that came with this pan made me feel like a chef, and the fact I couldn't burn or ruin the pan has been a plus. I really recommend this.

Antonio S. | Verified Buyer

Submitted on 12/01/21

Now You Don't Need Cast Iron to be Oven-Safe!

The Elephant Pan is oven safe up to 350 degrees, which means you can sear your favorite steak and finish it in the oven - just like the pros!

Your Full Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We're so confident your Elephant Pan™ cookware will become your favorite kitchen pan. You can try it for 60 Days, Risk-Free! If you don't LOVE your beautiful cookware, simply send it back!

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Elephant Pan™ Cookware - With the Spout that Gets the Grease Out… and More!

Special Offer Includes:

Elephant Pan™ 5-Qt Pan

11.5" Wide x 4" Deep

Draining Spout

Removable Spout Filter

Locking Tempered Glass Lid

4 Grease Bags

Spout Cleaning Brush

Recipe Book and Care Guide

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